Spine Surgery Patient Shares His Experience at Johnston-Willis Hospital

Listen as Bobby, a spine surgery patient at Johnston-Willis Hospital, describes his journey from diagnosis, treatment to recovery.

Latest Testimonial

Dr. Joshua P. Herzog

"Dr. Herzog has given me my life back. I have had decades of back pain and two years of left hip and leg pain with weakness resulting in very limited activity and mobility. He fought for me with my insurance company to get a MRI and once he pinpointed the problem, I had an epidural steroid injection. Two follow up injections and now I feel great. He is compassionate, he cares, he listens. I am a RN and have worked with doctors and I know this one, is special."

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The first word that comes to mind, is peace. I had been suffering with my condition for a long period of time. Dr. Joshua Herzog's accurate diagnosis and treatment changed by life. Thank you.

I had neck surgery with Dr. Joshua Herzog & he did an amazing job. My recovery has been pretty advanced. He talked my spouse and I through the entire experience. I would feel quite comfortable with having another surgery with him if ever required.

Dr. Joshua Herzog did an excellent job getting me back to work. My back and legs were in so much pain prior to the surgery. I have never felt better.

I would put Dr. Joshua Herzog in the Top 10 Knee Surgeons in America as published by Becker’s Orthopedic, Spine, and Pain Management Review. With great thought this Doctor is a leader in the field of orthopedics. In my opinion, the way he conducts business as a professional, should be emulated throughout the orthopedics field. I feel he one of the country’s most impressive knee surgeons. I hear people talking of bad knee surgeries; I can only reflect and thank Dr. Joshua Herzog for repairing my knee to its full potential.

-Scott Vratny | Operations Supervisor Department of Defense

Dr. Joshua Herzog and team were my surgical team on my C-Spine Surgery in May 2014. Dr. Joshua Herzog and his team simply performed excellently and I could not be happier with the results. I am just thankful I had a surgeon with such an incredible reputation.

Dr. Josh is an exceptional doctor. He really goes the extra mile to help every patient.

Dr. Joshua Herzog, Joshua P LTC USARMY MEDCOM WBAMC, is my primary care giver and there are no words that can describe him as an orthopedic surgeon. Every little aches or pain that I encounter, he will take the time to see me. I am a registered nurse for 28 years and throughout my career I have never encounter some so patient, diligent and extremely intelligent like Dr Herzog. I was very fortunate to have him as my surgeon. Even when he is on his personal time away from WBAMC, I was able to reach him and he promptly responded to my needs. It is quite unfortunate that the military will lose someone like him. Thank you Dr. Joshua Herzog for putting me back together, you will be truly missed.